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"Rick Roberts and his team of craftsmen performed miraculous feats while constructing our home. The process of watching it evolve from stacks of enormous timbers, (each personally selected by Rick) to a mountain top structure that astounded all who entered it was a thrill to experience.

Astonishment was the effect experienced when you walked through the doors with the entire dimension enveloping you...and it was the feeling that stayed with you when you examined every construction detail throughout the place.

As long as Rick Roberts and his team are still building, people will be standing in line for the good fortune of working with him to create homes of extraordinary quality that are one of a kind treasures on the landscape.

And, Rick is delightful company in the process."

- Letitia and Art Glenn

durango builder

"We have had the privilege of working with Rick Roberts and San Juan Structures in the design and construction of two incredible homes in Durango, Colorado.

If you are interested in building a truly authentic log home that exudes quality in every detail, San Juan Structures will meet your every need. We are certain that the end product will well exceed your dreams of owning a beautiful log home.

Both of our homes that we built with San Juan Structures were selected for publication in national design magazines for their quality, design, and superior features, and for that, we are very proud.

Thanks Rick, for being a very important part of our lives in Durango."

- Annie and Doug Simonson

durango builder

"We feel fortunate to have experienced building a log home with San Juan Structures. Rick does an exceptional job of fitting custom log homes to the natural landscape.

We appreciate his meticulous "hands on approach" to building, as well as the standards of quality he expects from sub-contractors.

Best of all was Rick's presence and attention to detail on the job-site."

- Bob and Ardys Daniels